Value Analyzer

Value Analyzer

Value Analyzer

AssetCheckers has acquired all the activities from ValueAnalyzer and incorporate them in there total business Philisophy. We are pleased to expand the ValueAnalyzer knowledge and would like to share our insights with all the relations from ValueAnalyzer

The asset life cycle based valuation approach of assets is the basis on our unique ValueAnalyzer software. The team of AssetCheckers can fulfill valuations for all objectives and situations based on the expected useful remaining life and the actual utilization. For each individual object in stratification all the parameters will be set to conduct :

  • Total plant and machinery valuations
  • Individual asset valuations
  • Asset base valuations

The ValueAnalyzer software is using current market data en ValueAnalyzer data to benchmark the assets.

The team has a passion for and are specialists in circular economy valuations

  • Asset design analysis
  • Residual value analysis
  • Preowned asset valuations
  • Overhauled asset valuations
  • End of life valuations and advise

Through the unique ValueAnalzer method the gathered data can be used for operations, transactions, accounting, insurance, financing, business planning and control, based on IRFS SOx guidelines