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Transforming asset data into actionable information.



AssetCheckers is an international consultancy firm specialized in asset audits and valuations over the total asset life cycle in all stages: planning, acquisition, operations, decommission and disposal.


AssetCheckers clients are capital intensive companies, of which assets provide the backbone of the business and their accountants, investors, lenders, leasing and insurance companies and their advisors. We bring assets for them into perspective.


The consultants at AssetCheckers are acknowledged as experts in their field and have experience in all major industries. Based on our advanced audit system and valuation methods we are able to deliver a top-notch service.



A physical asset check is conducted on site where the assets are located. The team can conduct checks on greenfield and legacy locations to make complete insight of the actual status of the assets. The team of AssetCheckers can always act on short notice wherever it is needed. Through the global partner network we are able to conduct physical inspections with a global reach in all kind of situations: both normally controlled and challenging environments. AssetCheckers developed a advanced software system to conduct global asset checks. This will harvest solid data and exam provided data supported by photographic information which can be combined with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data. In addition, we team up with partners for aerial inspections via drones (RPAS) and underwater inspections via ROV units.

During the asset check the inspector can tag all relevant assets whith a unique assettag. Beside the AssetChecker Tag we can work with the company used tagging system and synchronize the data.


A digital asset check is conducted based on reliable data-sources. The team of AssetCheckers will set up a data warehouse for each project were all the asset information will be stored. The asset information from different data silos of a company will in close collaboration with the hosting client be refined to a master dataset. This dataset will be enriched with AssetCheckers tables and public data.
We are specialized in setting up Api connections for: Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 and GPS Datasets. Based on this data set due diligence pre-lending and periodic reviews going concern can be conducted.

Based on the master dataset, verification can be done on several asset aspects. Among others:

  • provide information sets to review the borrowing base pre-lending
  • provide periodical information sets and certificates based on the credit agreement to calculate the current borrowing base
  • provide information to determine objectively and independently the actual use of assets to make invoicing of pay per use structure possible for owners / finance companies
  • provide periodical information sets for insurance and accounting purposes

Digital asset checks transform big data into actionable information


The asset life cycle based valuation approach of assets is the basis on our unique ValueAnalyzer software. The team of AssetCheckers can fulfill valuations for all objectives and situations based on the expected useful remaining life and the actual utilization.

For each individual object in stratification all the parameters will be set to conduct:

  • Total plant and machinery valuations
  • Individual asset valuations
  • Asset base valuations

The ValueAnalyzer software is using current market data en ValueAnalyzer data to benchmark the assets.

The team has a passion for and are specialists in circular economy valuations:

  • Asset design analysis
  • Residual value analysis
  • Preowned asset valuations
  • Overhauled asset valuations
  • End of life valuations and advise

Through the unique ValueAnalzer method the gathered data can be used for operations, transactions, accounting, insurance, financing, business planning and control, based on IRFS SOx guidelines


Based on physical and digital asset checks and the ValueAnalyzer present value the team of AssetCheckers can turn the asset data into actionable information. The forecasting will be set up in alignment with the client’s objectives. The experts of AssetCheckers have industry views ready which can be tailor-made for each client’s needs.

Forecasts for specific targets can be among others:

  • Expected reinvestments on the asset base
  • Expected rental / lease and ownership adjustments situations
  • Realization of objectives concerning Sustainability reporting GRI Reporting Standard
  • Asset mutation overview / fleet reducing target
  • Scenario analyses concerning capacity and demand projections
  • Tailor made forecast based on the objectives and KPI of the client

Through the Assetcheckers BI tooling the gathered data will be presented in a look and feel which enables users to work with the dataset.


Your Assets are our starting point. The people of AssetCheckers have a passion for there work and clients. We are a total independent valuation company with the highest integrity standard concerning our clients and their surroundings.

We are a Dutch based asset consultancy company managed by professionals with over 20 years of experience within the valuation industry. The partners are member of the leading associations in the field. We are always at your disposal to introduce ourselves and share our vision on assets and asset checks at your location.

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Our team of AssetCheckers is specialized in exceptional situations and is always available for a quick response in an international surrounding.


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AssetCheckers is working together with a broad team of preferred suppliers for content data, data gathering and audit teams. We are always interested in teaming up with innovative players in the field.



AssetCheckers is a growing company and to meet the demand of our customers we are continuously seeking to strengthens our team with people who are expert in the field of asset valuation, data management and ICT.

If you are interested in applying or if you want to learn more about the opportunities at AssetCheckers, do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email with a CV to Drs J. Bolweg RMTV